Coaching Services

BC offers three distinct coaching services all geared towards getting clients customized coaching necessary to maximize personal and professional value, and convincing a specific audience of their ability to excel in doing a job.

Resume Rebuild

With this package, you’ll work directly with a coach to go top-to-bottom through your resume. The coach will offer feedback from a range of perspectives (Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Sourcer, etc.) and make recommendations based on your target industry and audience. They’ll provide tips for writing results driven examples, and maximizing the likelihood of capturing your reader. At the close of the session, the coach will make recommendations on format and style, and clients will be able to choose from a number of templates (if they desire) to take home. 

The Resume Rebuild is a great option for customers who:

  •  Feel good about the content of their resume, but want to stand out from other applicants with cleaner structure and strong results.
  • Want to ensure their resume is in-line with their personal brand, or hiring teams in a given industry or field.
  • Customers new to career coaching, or those looking to start small and understand how we add value before a larger commitment.

Starter Templates

Modern Professional
Resume Template
Classic Professional
Resume Template
Classic Executive
Resume Template

Interview Prep

The BC team offers Interview Prep packages for clients wanting to prepare for in-person or virtual interviews. We understand the styles and methods top companies use (because we’ve used them ourselves while working there) and we tailor our materials to help you be the most prepared come interview day.

Here are a few of the coaching sessions we offer for interviews:

  • Mock Interviews (Virtual & In-Person)
  • Building a ‘Total Preparation’ game plan for Interview Day
  • Proven methods for dominating structured interview questions
  • Leveraging LinkedIn and the internet to fully prepare
  • Strategic planning for getting past the initial screening process and getting selected

Career Transition

The Career Transition package is designed to take professionals from their current state, to their ideal careers. With this service you’ll work side-by-side with a career coach to assess the ideal job market where you can succeed, and create a strategic roadmap to maximize your ability to get interviews, and offers. We’ll cover topics like Personal Branding, LinkedIn SEO, Networking, Value Validation Projects, and more. This being our most popular service, we’ve helped over a hundred clients in the last two years land their dream jobs!

Topics Covered

  • How Hiring Managers Look for Talent
  • Methods for boosting Resume Discoverability
  • Resume Rebuilding and Personal Branding
  • Making connections, using your Network
  • Creating Value when you don’t have it
  • Leveraging LinkedIn, Using SEO
  • Modern Job Searching Tools and Strategy

FAQs & Cost

Firstly, we encourage any interested customers to reach out for a consultation. Seriously, we’re nice people and it’s always easier to get specific questions answered over the phone, or in person. That being said, here the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our customers:

Q: What’s the best way to learn about your services, and get all my questions answered?

A: Scheduling a free consultation call. Prior to the start of any coaching service a consultation phone call is required. This gives our team the ability to learn more about the customer, and what a successful session will look like. We’re all about creating small goals for each session.

Q: How is a coaching session conducted?

A: All coaching sessions, regardless of service package, will take place in person or over a virtual meeting platform, Zoom is preferred. All coaching sessions will last approximately 60 minutes, though acomodations can be made if scheduled ahead of time.

Q: What do the coaching services cost?

A: Every coaching package we build for a customer is customized. This means the materials we discuss, and the recommended number of sessions will vary person-to-person. Because of this, none of our packages have “Fixed Costs” and instead package price is determined by the number of 1 hour coaching sessions required. The minimum cost for a 1 hour session, regardless of service package, is $250.

Q: Is there a minimum price/cost commitment I have to make before coaching starts.

A: Yes, but this varies by service package. Resume and Interview services will run off of a Pay-By-Session scheme, meaning there is no requirement for an up-front commitment or large payment. Clients will pay prior to their next session being scheduled. Career Transitions requires a minimum-commitment for the first three sessions ($750) in order to start coaching. There are a variety of reasons for this, all can be explained in our consultation call.

Q: Who determines what we’ll discuss in each session?

A: The materials covered in each session will be recommended by a coach, but paying clients will always have the opportunity to adapt the planned material for the session. They will also have the ability to deviate topics of discussion entirely (meaning they could pivot their coaching plan to a new service package) if they so choose.

Q: How fast can I schedule a coaching session if I’m willing to pay?

A: We’ll always do our best to accomodate a paying customer, and our team always reserves a buffer time for emergent sessions during the week. That said, due to the popularity of some of our services, there may be a waiting period before we can begin coaching. The timing for you first session will be determined on the first consultation call, or through follow-on emails.

Q: How many people does BC work with at one time?

A: We’re a small coaching firm that believes in Quality over Quantity. All of our coaches have full-time jobs in Industry, and our business model isn’t designed to maximize profits or generate revenue. We typically only work with 2-3 clients at one time, though we’ve helped over 100 people in the last 2 years.

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